TPIIC services include:

  • Offering onsite content and instructional coaching support that reinforces collaboration, collective problem-solving, communication, and confidentiality
  • Providing virtual coaching support on topics of interest, e.g., study group goal setting and facilitation
  • Building leadership teams
  • Developing instructional mentors (aka coach’s coach)
  • Coaching and mentoring in a virtual environment

Targeted instructional coaching:

  • Working one-on-one and in small groups, virtual and F2F, to support teachers and other school leaders.
  • Focusing on collecting, analyzing, and using data to assess needs.
  • Using evidence-based literacy practices across all content areas.
  • Supporting reflective and non-evaluative practice.
  • Building skills:
    1. Developing facilitation vs. presentation skills.
    2. Implementing effective components of professional learning.
    3. Establishing trusting relationships.
    4. Using formative and summative assessments.
    5. Facilitating collective problem-solving discussions and collaborative conversations.

“Ask the Coach”

  • “E-support”: virtual support and interactive web/video conferencing to provide support to coaches and mentors
  • Webinars addressing instructional coaching skills and capacity building


  • Hands-on sessions to educate, guide, prepare, and support district and/or school-based instructional coaches, mentors, and school leadership teams.

Focused support to local and regional educational service centers

  • Designing a systems approach to school-wide/district-wide improvement
  • Creating job descriptions and competency measures for instructional coaches